HomeOrnamental Red pineapple (red ananas) plant
Ornamental Red pineapple (red ananas) plant
Ornamental Red pineapple (red ananas) plantOrnamental Red pineapple (red ananas) plantOrnamental Red pineapple (red ananas) plant
Ornamental Red pineapple (red ananas) plant

Ornamental Red pineapple (red ananas) plant

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Product Description

You can get started several ways. Most people will start using the top of a shop bought pineapple. If you know someone who grows pineapples you may also be able to beg, steal or buy some "suckers" or "slips" (little plantlets taken of a mature pineapple plant).

These red pineapple plants are a huge edition to plant collectors and as well as plant lovers. Just make a small hole in the ground or in a pot and stick your little pineapple in that. Push the soil back in and firm it around the base so the pineapple sits straight and doesn't fall over. If the soil is dry give it some water.

And that's it. It'll grow.

What will you receive: -

Red pineapple plant height: -12 inch

High quality Nursery pot; - size 6 inches

Planting And Care


· Keep the plant indoor and outdoor in bright light.


· The soil should be well drained and fertile for growing Philodendron plant.


· Water the plant when the topsoil (2-3 inch) in pot feels dry to touch.

· Do not ever overwater the plant.

· Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season.


· During the main growing season (April - August) feed the pineapple plant with organic fertilizer once a month.

· Loosen the topsoil without disturbing the roots of the plant so it can uptake the nutrients and moisture easily.


· When a plant outgrows in current pot, re-pot with fresh potting soil and some fertilizer.

· Do the re-potting late evening and keep the plant in shady area for 2 to 3 days and then move the plant in its suitable climatic condition.

Plant Protection

· Remove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and discard them away from the plants.

· For any insect attack or disease, you can use Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil or Citrus oil spray for primary treatment.

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