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Lucky bamboo 3 layer plant
Lucky bamboo 3 layer plantLucky bamboo 3 layer plantLucky bamboo 3 layer plant
Lucky bamboo 3 layer plant

Lucky bamboo 3 layer plant

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In Asia, Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular gift items people give for all occasions like Wedding, House Warming, Business Opening, Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Anniversaries etc. It is also a great touch when you decorate your house or office since they don't need any sunlight. We kept the plant Lucky Bamboo over two weeks after getting our shipment from China, just to make sure they are healthy and strong. As shown from the photos, all the bamboo are healthy and beautiful, all have full leaves and roots. It's very easy to take care of Lucky Bamboo, just put the roots in water, and keep them indoor with room temperature, and stay away from direct sunlight.


Large 3 layer lucky bamboo plant with mixed color bubles.

How to care for your LUCKY BAMBOO PLANT:



LIGHT: Lucky Bamboo will do best with moderate levels of indirect light. Do not expose the plant to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is too strong for the plant and cause the leaves to warp and the leaves will turn brown. Lucky Bamboo should always be kept indoors. 

WATER:. We highly recommend bottled water or filtered RO water. Tap water contains chlorine that will cause the tip of the leaves to turn brown. If you must use tap water, you can eliminate most of the chlorine and chemical by letting it sit 24 hours before adding it to the plant. To prevent the roots from drying, always keep the water level at least 1" high. Do not submerge the plants completely underneath the water. The top of the stalk must be exposed to air so that it can breathe properly. Change the water every 7 days to prevent the roots from rotting

NUTRIENTS: Lucky bamboo do not require any nutrients or fertilizers. It can last for years with clean water. Plant food or fertilizer can help aid the health of Lucky Bamboo plants.

What we offer: -


Faster shipping within two days of order.

Secure packaging so that plants reach you alive and healthy.

Easy replacement in case of damaged Product.

Affordable price so that growing a plant will not be costlier.

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03 Oct, 2022
Growth wala plant h. Same as pic.
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15 Oct, 2022
Received today. Amazing plant he. Jese pic m h wesa hi he

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