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Anar grafted blood red plant
Anar grafted blood red plantAnar grafted blood red plant

Anar grafted blood red plant

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Product Description

Enjoy the delicious and nutritious watery, red arils of Pomegranate by growing easily at your home.

Pomegranate is sub-tropical fruit plant in Punicaceae family. Their multiple stems arch gracefully in a weeping habit. The leaves are opposite or sub opposite, glossy, narrow oblong, entire and the dramatic blossoms are trumpet shaped with orange-red ruffled petals.


Plant Specifications

Plant Height - 18 inch (46 cm)

Plant Spread- 6 inch (15 cm)

Common Name Pomegranate, Annar, Dalimb

Maximum Reachable Height       2 feet to 10 feet

Flower Color-    Orange-red

Bloom Time- January - February, June - July, September - October

Difficulty Level- Easy to grow

Planting And Care

·       Grow Pomegranate plant in a place with full sun as it need full sun to grow and produce fruits.

·       Water the plant deeply about once a week and more often during summer months.

·       Fertilize the plant with organic fertilizer 2-3 times in a year.

·       Prune out any crossing branches or shoots to three to five per branch after the tree, s first year.

·       Prune out any dead or damaged branches in the late winter.

·       During the main growing season (June-July) feed the plant with organic fertilizer.

·       Harvest Season June - August, November - January, February - April

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