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Adenium grafted double petal plant
Adenium grafted double petal plantAdenium grafted double petal plantAdenium grafted double petal plant

Adenium grafted double petal plant

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Product Description

The Adenium Red is a cheeky little fellow, who puts up a stiff competition to every houseplant in the photogenic department. Its bulbous stems (caudices) and stunning red flowers will add a sophisticated and elegant air to your space. It’s an easy to grow plant, that will fill your space with blooms in lush red that stay stunning for quite some time.


Healthy Plant grown in a 5” Glossy finish various colored pot.

Medium size plant of around 12 to 15 inches.

Plant Essentials:-

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Give your Adenium a monthly feed of 19:19:19 NPK fertilizer. Regular and light watering, with proper fertilization, and full sun will ensure perennial blooms for your garden space.

Repotting: The plant will outgrow its current pot in a year and will need to be repotted every year in a slightly larger pot for excellent growth.

Propagation: Adeniums can be propagated by taking stem cuttings from the top of a branch. Air dry the cutting a day or two in a low light space and plant them in a light and well-draining growing medium and place in bright indirect light.



Common Problems:-

1. What is the most common problem with Adenium plants?

The most common problem with Adenium plants is leaf rot that typically progresses to the stem and then roots.

2. Why are my Adenium leaves turning brown?

Browning of leaves for an adenium is a direct indication of underwatering. Water your adenium thoroughly when the top two to three inches of the soil dry out.

3. How often should I water my Adenium plant?

The frequency depends on how much light your plant is getting and how quickly the soil dries put. But if you have kept your plant in 4-5 hours of direct sun, water it once a week. Water thoroughly till it drains out of the drainage hole, empty the base plate.

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