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Golden philadendron plant
Golden philadendron plantGolden philadendron plantGolden philadendron plant
Golden philadendron plant

Golden philadendron plant

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Product Description

Golden Goddess philodendron is a spectacular climbing houseplant that features bold chartreuse foliage. Its dramatic leaves make it one of the most eye-catching houseplants you can grow. Visible from across the room, it's sure to be one of the most stunning in your collection.


Healthy Medium Size Plant grown in a 5” Glossy finish various colored pot.

Medium Size Plant- 12 to 18 inches

Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Use a well-balanced potting mix of 1:1:1 ratio of soil, coco peat and compost. Further supplement with a rich compost/leaf mould that has necessary micronutrients once every three months.

Repotting: Philadendron will eventually outgrow her current pot and will need annual repotting in a slightly larger pot.

Propagation Philadendron can be easily propagated by splitting sections or cuttings of the mother plant once it is big enough. It is important to water your plant one or two hours before repotting.

Commen Problems

1. Why is my philodendron turning yellow?

Philodendron leaves turning yellow is a sign of overwatering. Water your plant less frequently to correct this problem.

2. Why are my Philodendron leaves are drooping?

Your Philodendron leaves are drooping because it is getting too much or too little water. Once you correct the watering schedule your plant will go back to normal.

3. Philodendron leaves are curling

If your Philodendron isn’t getting enough water, the leaves start curling. It can also happen due to overwatering which will drown the roots.

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