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Dragon Fruit Red Flesh Plant
Dragon Fruit Red Flesh PlantDragon Fruit Red Flesh Plant

Dragon Fruit Red Flesh Plant

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Product Description

Dragon Fruit Botanically known as Hylocereus undatus from the Cactaceae family. Common names are Dragon Fruit, Pitaya, Pitahaya Strawberry Pear. It is a perennial vine and it has triangular green, fleshy, jointed, many-branched stems. The flower is white showy, fragrant, and bell-shaped. It grows best in Humid & warm regions & it requires trellising or chain-like fencing for growing over it.  It can be grown in big pots/containers and drought-tolerant plants.

It is an amazing fruit, Juicy and sweet. A popular ingredient for salads and fruit-based dishes. Is a great fruit to eat fresh.


Plant Name- Dragon Fruit Red Plant

Pot Size- 5-inch (13 cm) (Black)

Plant Height-14 inch

Plant Spread-8 inch (13 cm)

Flower Color- White

Difficulty Level- Easy to grow

Fruit Color- RED


Planting And Care:


MAXIMUM HEIGHT - It can reach up to 4-6 meters in height.

BLOOMING YEAR - It may bloom in May-June, & July-August. Sometimes it may vary based on the climate of a particular area.

FRUITING TIME- Edible fruiting will start after 1-1.5 years after purchase.

GROWING TIPS It grows best in moist, tropical, or subtropical climates.

  • Plants grow quickly and should be given strong support to climb on.

Grows well in sandy well-drained soils. 

  • Do not inter-crop between bigger trees. Does not bear fruit well if grown in shade.
  • Keeping many flowers or fruit per stem will adversely affect fruit size. Prune and leave only 2-3 flowers per stem.
  • After the fruiting season is over in Oct-Nov prune out the old stems leaving some stems per cluster.
  • First-year maintain only one flower per stem to encourage vegetative growth.
  • Calcium + boron foliar spray should be given once a month during the fruiting season. 


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