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Rubber Plant Medium

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Product Description

These tropical plants generally have thick stems and fleshy, variegated leaves. Flowers are yellow or brown cone-shaped spikes. Gardeners value this small, compact plant for its thick, waxy foliage, ornamental flowers and ease of care.

In warm climates, the plant serves as an outdoor ground cover, although it rarely reaches over 12 inches in height.


  1. Plant Height-16 inch (41 cm)
  2. Plant Spread- 6 inch (15 cm)


Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Feed the plant a well-balanced fertilizer three to four times a year.

Repotting: Repot your Rubber Plant annually. Use a pot one size bigger than the previous pot.

Propagation: You can propagate a Rubber Plant using two methods: air layering or stem cuttings. When propagating Rubber Plant via cuttings, get a good cutting which is about 6 inches long to ensure successful propagation.


Common Problems

Plants growing in containers need more fertilizing than those in the ground. The more you water, the more quickly you flush the nutrients out of the soil.

1. Why is my Rubber Plant losing leaves?

Most common reason for loss of leaves is over - watering. Make sure you are watering your plant only when the topsoil has dried up. Other reasons like low light or cold drafts also cause leaf loss. Move your plant to a brighter spot to avoid losing leaves.

2. Why are leaves of my Rubber Plant turning yellow?

Yellowing of leaves is a sign of overwatering. Change your watering schedule. Let the top one inch of the soil dry up before watering. Other factors like low light or sudden change in temperature can also cause yellowing of leaves.

3. Why are my Ficus Elastica leaves are turning mushy?

Over - watering leads to mushy leaves. If you observe this immediately stop watering the plant till the top 1 inch of the soil is dry. Water the plant when the topsoil is dry.

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