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Syngonium Arrow Head Plant
Syngonium Arrow Head PlantSyngonium Arrow Head Plant

Syngonium Arrow Head Plant

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Product Description

Syngonium Arrowhead are a plant collectors dream because there are so many varieties, each one with their own character and personality. Syngonium are also the perfect houseplants for the people with little to no plant care experience. They can live a long time without fertilizer, and can be placed in almost any space with very little light and live a long time.

Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Feed your syngonium every 3 weeks with fertiliser diluted to half strength. Make sure the soil is moist, but not soggy, at all times. Overwatering is a strict no-no.

Repotting: When you notice stunted growth or discomfort in the plant, it is time to repot into a bigger pot. Ideally, the Arrowhead plant is repotted every 2 years. He grows aggressively so the roots outgrow the pot and then it is time to repot and make them comfortable.

Propagation: It can be easily propagated via stem cuttings. The cuttings root in water just as well, as they do in a potting mix as preferred by the plant parent. For a failsafe propagation, choose a new growth shoot that has sprouted a couple of leaves.

Common Problems

1. Why are Arrowhead plant leaves turning pale and limp?

Too much and direct sunlight will cause the Arrowhead plant to practically burn. This causes the leaves to turn pale and limp. Move him to a place with indirect sunlight since he loves bright indirect sunlight.

2. Why are the new leaves of the Goosefoot plant turning brown and withering?

When the Goosefoot or Arrowhead plant is thirsty, he will drop new leaves because there isn’t enough water ration for him. Cut off the browning leaf and water the Syngonium and he will perk up quickly.

3. Why are my Syngonium leaves becoming brown and dry?

Under-watering paired with too much of direct sunlight can cause sunburn which makes the leaves brown and dry. Move your plant to a shadier spot and water it frequently.

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