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98 holes seedling Tray pack of 3

98 holes seedling Tray pack of 3

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Product Description

High quality Seedling tray to grow healthy saplings. It comes with 104 holes and is re-usable up to four times maximum. The seedlings in this tray can be planted for about 10-15 days and transplanted into the field or another pot after attaining optimum root development.

Made of High-Quality Plastic

These seedling trays are crafted

from high-quality plastic material. They are built to withstand different

environmental conditions. They are resistant to corrosion and to wear and tear.

Acts as a Sustainable Space for Seedlings

These trays can assist in improving

the seedling’s water and nutrition absorption capability. Thereby, they provide

a sustainable space for the seedling to germinate.

Compact Design

The minimalistic and simple design

of the tray helps in easy transition of the seedlings. This helps in shifting

the seedlings to a different environment for optimal growth.

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