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Spider plant medium

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Product Description

Chlorophytum Spider, also the Spider Plant is an impressive indoor plant and perfect for beginners. It is not only easy to care for but also a NASA certified air purifier. Its long, green foliage with white variegations looks good in both hanging planters and as desktop setups. In favorable conditions, it blooms with small white flowers and its pups grow on stems cascading from the plant.

Plant Essentials

Fertilizer/ feed for the plant: Feed your plant a generic liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength every 2 weeks.

RepottingRepot your plant when it begins to outgrow the current pot. Choose a pot one size larger than the current pot. The start of spring is the best time to repot your Spider plant.

Propagation: Chlorophytum Spider can be propagated by dividing the main plant or by detaching and replanting the plantlet during monsoon.

Common Problems

1. Why does my Spider Plant have brown tips?

Exposure to direct sunlight or hot and cold drafts can cause browning of leaf tips. Move your plant away from direct sunlight if you notice brown tips and follow a set watering schedule.

2. Why are leaves of my spider plant turning yellow?

Excessive sunlight can make the leaves of your spider plant turn yellow and wilt. Move your plant away from direct sunlight to avoid this. At times, excessive minerals and fertilisers in the soil can also cause yellowing of leaves.

3. Why is my spider plant drooping?

Various reasons can make your plant droop. Overwatering, not enough or too much of light, or lack of nutrients can make your spider plant droop and wilt. Identify the cause first before correcting the problem.


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Hitesh rout
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05 Jun, 2022
Awesome plant for decoration. Bdw delivery is late. But It's ok packaging was good. So i received healthy plant

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